Places Where Skirting Is Used in The Home

Skirting boards are not just about joining the lowest part of the walls and the floor with a nice, smooth beautiful finish that will go with the room or the home, but we will find them in other places as d├ęcor or finishing.

The only thing is that we had no idea that these were skirting boards as well.


Stairs are composed of the basic frame that is first built and put up or it is put up bit by bit. Then, the treads are fitted, and these come in many forms usually wood inside a home. Below the tread comes the joining between the two treads. This is the skirting board and could be made to match or contrast with the stairs.

Side of stairs

The side panel fitted against the wall in the stairwell is a skirting board. Here it is usually made to match the walls.


The paneling that we sometimes see to the side of the stairs is made of skirt boards and they go all the way to the top and along the inside of the stairs.


Cabinets could be made from skirt boards. Here the softwood type is chosen since the use of cabinets is not heavy duty.


The panels and long pieces of hardwood that constitute the building of most boats is a type of skirt boards. They are chosen for their versatility and the fact that they come in long panels and could be found in hard types of wood. It is also used in shipbuilding.

It would be impossible to know all the uses of skirts boards as we are not professionals, but some other uses could be discerned like framing, parquets, wood floors, to mention just a few, but the possibilities are endless since it is a versatile material for any work.